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Parish Message

26th November 2023
The Solemnity of CHRIST THE KING – Jesus is on the throne!

The Feast of Christ the King is a relatively recent feast in our liturgical calendar. It was instituted in 1925 by Pope Pius XI. Why? When the First World War ended in 1918 it left the world, especially Europe, in great turmoil. Out of the bitterness and divisions of those days, there rose up strong forces of nationalism and secularism, which would soon open the door for Hitler, Stalin and other ruthless dictators. Both political extremes of fascism and communism rejected the authority, even the existence of God. Instead they put human power at the centre.

Pius XI realised the need to assert that it is not man who has the ultimate power and authority in the world but God. So in our Gospel today, for example, we see Christ as the Judge of all creation at the end of time. Pius XI saw that as respect for the Church’s authority was waning so also this understanding of Christ’s power was also under attack.

Can we say that the situation 100 years later is any better? In superpowers like Russia and China we see repressive dictatorships still in power, but we also have more subtle forms of slavery. We live in an increasingly materialistic society which side-lines, even rejects God and also in an increasingly individualistic society in which the only authority is my own will – what I want. There is a distrust of authority and a discomfort with titles such as “Lord” and “King”. But this is to completely miss the point – Christ’s kingship is one of humility, service and self-sacrifice. He shows us what it means to be a true king – a servant king, who gives everything for his subjects, even his own life. Our life’s mission is to learn from Jesus what it means to live, love & serve and then to put this into action in our own lives. May Christ the King rule in our hearts!

We continue to pray for ‘light not heat’ in Israel and Gaza.

With prayers - Fr Richard, Fr Ephrem, Deacon Robert and all the parish team

Here is a prayer we invite you to pray during these days for peace in the Ukraine -

“Never be afraid of loving the Blessed Virgin too much. You can never love her more than Jesus did.”

St. Maximillian Kolbe

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